Wir sind eine Gruppe von hauptsächlich erwachsenen LEGO®-Fans. Uns verbindet unser gemeinsames Hobby. Wir treffen uns zu Stammtischen und organisieren einmal im Jahr eine große Ausstellung, zu der auch Teilnehmer aus anderen Bundesländern und sogar aus dem umliegenden Ausland kommen und ihre großen und kleinen Modelle mitbringen.

Bricking Bavaria ist seit dem 13.11.2010 ein Verein. Seit dem 11.1.2011 sind wir ein eingetragener Verein (e.V.).

Hier sind unsere Seiten auf Flickr und auf Facebook.


Dear friends oft he LEGO® brick,

Bricking Bavaria e.V. invites you to the sixteenth LEGO® exhibition with fan event under the name "Bricking Bavaria"! This time our event "Bricking Bavaria 2019" will be in Fürth/Nuremberg from 6th to 8th September 2019. (Setup on 5.9., AFOL-day only for registered participants on 6.9., open to the public on 7.+8.9.).

The Stadthalle Fürth offers us with more than 3000 square meters a lot of space for many great models. With over 200 expected AFOLs and TFOLs, this will be one of the biggest LEGO® fan exhibitions of the year in Germany! (#BrickingBavaria2019)


Exclusively for exhibitors

  • AFOL Day (Friday!) with program for exhibitors only (no visitors)
  • An AFOLs evening (Saturday!)
  • Many games, competitions and surprises for the participants
  • Community projects for Technic, railway/city, Friends...
  • Dealer area and commissions sales
  • BB-typical catering with snacks and drinks during the exhibition

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for the AFOL Day? Would you like to present a workshop/lecture or present your MOC? We make the event for and with you! Good ideas are gladly implemented.

We are very happy about everybody who wants to be part of BB2019 - as exhibitor, helper or visitor.


How to find us

Bricking Bavaria 2019 will take place at the Stadthalle Fürth in Fürth/Nuremberg. Address: (Only for arrival, not for postal contact!)

Stadthalle Fürth
Rosenstrasse 50
90762 Fürth

You can find informations here: How to find us

You can find an overview of the parking possibilities here: Parking

There are 300 underground parking spaces available.

For exhibitors we get discounts for the parking ticket.

Information will follow.

Public transport:

The exhibition can be reached by underground. The stop "Stadthalle" is in the near of the Stadthalle Fürth.


Program (edited 2019-08-14)

On Friday is the AFOL Day without visitors. We offer an interesting and funny program for all participants. For this we have separate rooms. And there are even more activities on the other days.

Here is the program for the different days (PDF): Complete / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Detailed description of the activities (PDF): Program description

And like always at Bricking Bavaria we scheduled several games. Here you can find the details: Games description.


Registration as exhibitor or participant

You'll find the registration form on our registration webseite: https://events.bricking-bavaria.de

Registration is closed now.

If you have any questions about registration, please contact us via email at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! .

Models and group projects

We are looking forward to many beautiful models for the exhibition! As always, there are some groups of people working together on a MOC or a Group project. When you register your model, you can indicate whether your model is part of such a group project or not.

Here are the known community projects:

Group Project



Railway and city

PF and 9V railway with city

Holger Matthes

Friends in Heartlake City

The home oft the Friends

Gerald Lasser

Rogue Bricks

Models of Rogue Bricks (organization in the forum of Rogue Bricks)

Nadine Wölfle


Technic-models and driving area

Sebastian Sedlmeier


Great Ball Contraption 

Andre Grabner


A railway diorama in the Mono-Rail-Standard

Marion Weintraut

Bavarian Project A valley embedded in the bavarian landscape

Christine Schmidt

Colorfull Tower Group Project Colorfull Tower

Andreas Reikowski


Duty rooster

In order for the event to succeed, we need your help. We expect all exhibitors and helpers to provide at least one duty during the event. There will be opportunities for setup, transport, supervision, sales, etc. 


We will inform you accordingly.



In 3 partner hotels, room contingents at more favourable conditions are blocked only for exhibitors.

All exhibitors will receive information about the hotels as part of their registration.



Models can be placed on the tables on Thursday, 5.9., from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The setup will be supervised by AFOLs, who will be equipped with plans and mobile phones by us as "supervisors". These are your first contacts if you have any questions (where to set up, where to put the empty boxes, where is the toilet, where to eat, ...). The names of the supervisors can be found in the duty roster. The telephone number is always the same:

Supervisor phone: -will be added-

Remember also that we have to cover the platforms and tables with blankets ourselves. Please allow extra time for this and help the other exhibitors! We also count on the help of the exhibitors when the barriers have to be placed.


Storage of boxes

We kindly ask all participants to store their packaging material in their own vehicles. We are not allowed to put anything under the tables or platforms. We also do not have a separate storage room. Our lounge may only be used for material needed during the exhibition.

So please: boxes back into the cars! Thank you.



The dismantling should take place please only on Sunday, 8.9., starting from 5pm. If you have to leave earlier, please let us know in the comment field when you register. The affected models will be planned on special areas.


Registration at the event

All participants are requested to register at the registration desk in the entrance area on the first day (Thursday). We have the tickets and some small things for you. Please take the time for the registration from the program.



Our recreation area is available to all participants of BB2019. You can leave your personal belongings there - but please do not leave empty boxes of MOCs! Only participants of BB2019 are allowed to enter! Please keep the room clean.



We will provide exhibitors and helpers with snacks and drinks in our lounge every day during the exhibition. Anyone who wants to make a contribution (cake, salad, ...) is very welcome! Please understand that the catering will only be provided for participants and not for visitors.


AFOLs Evening

On Saturday, 7.9., from 19:30 we will organize an AFOLs evening. Admission is only possible for invited guests. We therefore ask you and your companions to indicate in advance via our website whether you will be there.

Food and drinks will be self-paying for all. But there are games and goodies for everyone. :)

Further information will follow soon.


Seller / commission sale

There will be sellers of loose bricks, current sets and sets no longer available on the market. You can also have your bricks engraved as usual with Bricking Bavaria.

This year we can't offer the opportunity to sell parts or sets on commission basis.


Commercial sellers

Professional dealers must register separately and pay a stall fee. The registration for sellers is still closed.

If you also want to participate in our AFOL activities (games, AFOLs Evening, etc.), please register as a visitor on our website as well.


MOC Cards

MOC cards are descriptions of individual models for visitors. They contain information about the model, the builder, the number of stones used and the construction period. We ask you to make such MOC cards for your models. Here you can download uniform document templates.

If you need help with the printing, tell us. During the event we will provide you with acrylic glass displays that can be used for DIN-A5-MOC cards.

There are two types of MOC cards: small and large. The small ones are especially suitable for MOCs that are part of community facilities.

MOC Card large

MOC Card small


You can also build a suitable MOC card holder for the MOC Card large. For this we provide you the LXF-File as well as an instruction:




Of course you can customize the frame so it fit to your MOC like Fabian Kraus:

MOC Karten Halter Beispiel



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